This is me

I am a carbon-based bipedal life form. I write things (usually words), I take photos, and I make mixtapes with Ableton Live – all with varying degrees of lack of success. I’m quite camera-shy.

And this is Trilogy.blog

In his extraordinary book ‘Camera Lucida’, French intentional obscurist Roland Barthes talks about the things that he feels ‘make’ a photograph. On the one hand, you have the ‘studium‘ – the interpretation or meaning, whether it’s from a cultural, political, intellectual or other point of view. On the other, you have the ‘punctum‘ – which means both ‘the point’ but also denotes the emotional connection that you have to a photograph.

Now far be it from me to disagree with anyone who wilfully goes out of their way to make things more difficult to understand, but Barthes’ theory lacks an angle. In the book he is discussing photographs, but the studium and punctum are theoretical tools that can be applied to any text (written, visual or aural). In which case, I think that ‘forma’ (literally, the form that something takes) should sit alongside studium and punctum, as the form that something takes means just as much as the interpretation and the connection. In one sense then, this is the trilogy for which the blog is named.

In another, far more literal and far less pretentious sense, this blog contains words (things I’ve written), pictures (photos I’ve taken) and music (music I like or, far less frequently, mixtapes I’ve made), and that is the other trilogy.

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